Fine Art Paintings
Gary Godfrey

    Gary had an interesting childhood.  His dad was in construction and the family moved frequently, following the work.  He went to many different grade schools and three different high schools.  During his second year in high school at Portland, Oregon, he took his only art class.  There he painted a cowboy roping scene with egg tempura paint which was exhibited at a Standard Oil sponsored show at Meier and Frank in Portland.  It was then selected to be taken to San Francisco to be shown there.

    During his college years, he took a woodworking course and did a wood inlay of the cowboy roping scene he had painted in high school.  After he graduated from college he got busy working and raising a family with no time left to paint.  During these years he painted only three paintings – a sailing ship on the ocean in the early 1960s, 3 men looking through a crack in 1964 and the Rainman in the 70’s.

    Now he is retired and has returned to his life-long love of painting.  He is presently concentrating on acrylics, exploring a wide range of subjects and enjoying himself immensely.

    He has combined his love of painting with his love of wine to paint a series of five Santas enjoying wine in different settings.  He had these paintings made into cards and prints and has sold them to wineries in Oregon and California.  He also has painted a series of five Tuscany scenes from his trip to Italy and has had them made into cards and prints.

    Gary’s Italian Street Scene won an award at the Washington County Fair and his Urban Cow painting won an award at the State Fair. This was his first time entering either of these competitions.

    Gary has also had a showing of some of his paintings at the Golden Gallery in the Beaverton Lodge in Beaverton Oregon. He presently has a painting in an art competition of the Butte Creek Mill in Eagle Point, Oregon. The Mill invited all who had painted the mill to bring their paintings for display and judging.

    He is presently working on some Italian paintings for the Amici Restaurant in the Holiday Inn, just off the freeway in the Eugene-Springfield area. He is painting a total of 6 different scenes for the restaurant, to serve as decorative art which is also for sale to the public. The paintings will be on display at the Amici Restaurant website or you can go see them personally.

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